Registered nurses (RNs) currently fill about two and a half million jobs in the health care industry.

A majority of those positions are in hospitals.  There are many activities in a registered nurse career no matter what the specialty.  You treat and educate patients, you record their symptoms and medical history, you provide moral support for their family members and explain to them any home care needs for post-treatment.

You work place situation is always changing, keeping you on your toes.  You must keep up to date on changing technology, new treatment criteria, not to mention the ever changing needs of your patients.

Yes, a registered nurse career will definitely keep your mind active!

RN duties vary drastically from one position to the next and are generally specific to the demographic of the patients and where the work is being done.  By this I mean that an RN on the Labor and Delivery floor of the hospital is going to have different daily tasks than a geriatric nurse working in an elderly care facility.  I know that seems to be pretty obvious when stated that way, but in my experience many people new to nursing dont consider this fact.

A registered nurse career offers so much specificity and expandability that is it so much more than just about being a nurse.  There are Ambulatory Care Nurses, Palliative Care Nurses, Trauma and ER Nurses, you can go into Radiology or specialize in specific diseases like diabetes.

The world of nursing is vast and you can make it suit your wants and needs.

Remember, I stated a majority of job positions for RNs are in hospitals, however, many positions are available away from those 12 hours shifts of butts and guts!  There are doctor’s offices, schools, the military, etc.  In fact, this is a good topic for another post.  Keep on the look out for it some time in the future!

As I mentioned in a previous post, in order to have a registered nurse career, you must first graduate from a school with an approved nursing program and pass a standardized exam (NCLEX).  Depending on the state in which you desire to work, you may need to meet other criteria.  You can follow this link to find your state board to see any other requirements.

Where is your registered nurse career going?

arrows showing career path

Most RNs start out working the floor at hospitals, many stay there for the entirety of their career.  Some move on to management positions due to their experience and advanced education degrees (Master’s and above).  Some go on to teach.  What ever the case, there is an endless amount of paths that you can take in your registered nurse career.

Leave me a comment below and tell me about your registered nurse career!


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