hospitalWe have touched on advanced nursing degrees in other posts like Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Equals More Money and Education For Nurses.  But due to the recent activity that we are sing at hospitals all over the United States, we need to focus on nursing education criteria that is quietly being enforced in the current health care environment.

Many heath care facilities are attempting to obtain Magnet status, a certification from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).  Having more nurses with advanced degrees like the BSN- bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, will help them attain this coveted status.

Then, there is the “BSN in 10″ bills that are in New Jersey and New York awaiting legislation.

Nursing Education

These bills are promoting the requirement that registered nurses being hired must have at minimum a BSN nursing education or be enrolled within two years of their hiring into a nursing program seeking this nursing degree.

The requisite stems from the distinct evidence that the critical thinking skills gained from BSN or MSN nursing education degree programs are more suited to the current healthcare needs of the ever increasing complexity of the health system.

Evidence shows that hospitals with more nurses educated at or above the BSN level have lower death rates.

Now as with all statistics you have to consider- what facilities have over 70 percent of their nursing staff with advanced nursing education?  Perhaps their area of concentration is not a high death probability.  But regardless of this fact- it is the number that the health care system is using.

Thus, we are seeing hospitals and other facilities looking to increase nurse education so they provide full or partial tuition payments and even time off for registered nurses to go back to a nursing school and obtain their BSN.

Clearly this nurse education an increasingly important issue for healthcare providers or they wouldn’t be offering such incentives!

So if you are a registered nurse with just an associates degree, then you should really consider obtaining information on BSN nursing degree programs. Some nursing courses in a higher education program will help advance nursing careers, and you can find online nursing programs that take a little less contact hours in a physical classroom.


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