I have information for you no matter where you are in your nursing career.

Because I am going to be helping nurses on so many varying levels, I will be posting information that may or may not pertain to here you are currently in your nursing career.  The two main areas that will be the focus here are education and career path advancement.  I will be making regular posts each week that may have a particular focus, but I will always try to spread out the topics across the two areas of focus so that everyone gets a little info each week that may pertain to them.

Do you know where to get your education?

The education information we will focus on will primarily be basic info on nursing, finding and selecting schools with nursing programs, application information, funding, time required, types of programs, etc.

Do you want to advance your career?

The career path and advancement information will be about what types of nursing specialties are out there, what do those specialties require, certification information, new trends in the nursing profession, salary, job outlook, etc.

Occasionally we will have a discussion about current events, funny stories, and even some off topic posts probably.  This should be not only educational for you, but entertaining as well.

In my next few posts I will probably be talking about the basics of nursing as a profession, but fear not, we will get into specific information in the near future!

Please send me questions in the comments section below.

I look forward to helping you with your nursing profession education.  My next post is right around the corner come back soon to read it!  And don’t forget to sign up for the RSS feed!


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