Have you taken a nursing competency assessment?

Since we have been talking a little about the NCLEX and nursing school clinicals lately, my mind has been pondering on nursing competency assessment a little.

Nursing competency assessment really has a little more to do with the management level of healthcare, but I think is a relevant topic for us now due to the vain (excuse the pun) of information that we have been talking about lately.

Measuring nursing competency is becoming more and more prevalent in the health care industry.

Staff managers want to be sure that the registered nurses and other care givers that they hire have the knowledge and critical thinking skills that are required for their positions.

They help to reduce the health care facilities liability resulting from deficiencies.  They test you on the most critical aspects of your specialty, general performance, and procedures.

Nursing competency assessments can take many forms.

Perhaps the assessments are done via peer review, or maybe they are direct observations from supervisors, some may even be self-assesments.  Most are structured such that you go through or are asked about a series of situations that can measure your knowledge, competence and critical thinking.

Nursing competency assessments  also are effective in determining where staff needs further instruction, or where procedures may break down.  If these areas are addressed properly, it can lead to a better work environment.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on nursing competency assessment.  Does your place of employment use this type of tool?  What has your experience been with it?  I am sure we would all love to hear your experiences!


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