6 Things to Prepare You for the Nursing Profession

If you are interested in entering the nursing profession, then there are a few things that you should do to prepare yourself.

1.  You need to have a high school diploma.

If you are still in high school, talk with your guidance counselor to see what types of classes your school offers that will help prepare you for nursing.  Most programs like to see 2-4 years of science and math, 2 years of some kind of health studies as well as language and computer classes.

If you have already graduated and have the above referenced classes, you can move on to our next checklist item.  If you are lacking some of these classes, you might consider taking a few your local community college.

2.  You need to search out nursing programs that appeal to you.

There are hundreds of schools across the United States with programs ranging from traditional on-campus format or with on-line courses.  It is important to know that these programs are readily available to you, so find one that fits your time, cost and motivational needs.  I will be doing future posts for more information on this.

3.  The Nursing Program should be accredited

Accreditation is important because employers prefer nursing professionals whom have an education that is based in established national standards.  Look for more posts that will tell you all you need to know about Accredited Nursing School Information.

4.  Once you have found a few programs, you then need to apply.

You will want to apply to several schools.  This is related to the old adage about eggs in a basket!  Applying is quite a process, but if you are organized and pay attention to submittal requirements, it becomes less frustrating.  I plan on writing several post on this topic in the very near future.

5.  Some schools require a pre-admissions exam

Here is a link to the National League for Nursing. If you go to their site, they will give you more information about pre-admissions exams.

6. Getting your degree

There are several degrees that you can get.  Associate’s Degree, Bachelor of Science Nursing Master’s Degree, even doctoral degrees are available to help you on your way into the nursing profession.

There is too much information regarding degrees to have in this short article, but you can get more info as I make posts focusing on Education for Nursing and Advanced Nursing Education.

I hope this post helps you in preparing for entering the nursing profession.  Please come back to read future posts about more insights on nursing education & career information!


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