Let’s face it, nursing school is a demanding and stressful path.

It pays to be organized and have ready access to good information.  This post has 5 resources to make your life easier on your nursing career path.

Coordinating your nursing school schedule:

You have an incredibly busy schedule and one of the best ways to keep stress from taking over is to be well organized.  Most of us have our smart phones, laptops, iPads, etc. that have calendar functions that we try to maintain our schedules on.  However, it can be a pain to do everything on your phone and I know I don’t always carry around my laptop or iPad with me.  So it may be good to utilize a web based calendar.

A web based calendar will allow you to access your schedule where ever you have internet access.  So you can look at your schedule if you are at nursing school, or at work, and even when you are on the run if your phone has internet access!  Some other benefits to web based calendars is that you can often keep shared files (like lecture notes).

Of course there are the calendars that are provided by Yahoo!, Google and other independent sites.  But there are a few that give you a little more bells and whistles that can help make life easier.

Nursing Resource 1

www.calendars.net and www.supercalendar.com are two additional resources.  Calendar.net allows you to do a number of things- like multiple layers of security.  So you can have one level of security that allows your friends and family to see part of your schedule, but only allows you to see that you have a hot date with that cute person you met in class the other day!    It also allows you to download your schedule.

Nursing Resource 2

Suppercalendar.com does cost a monthly fee but it is good for families with multiple schedules that you want to reference to each other.  So if you are looking for a time for everyone to meet for dinner, it will tell you who is and is not available at any particular time.

There are a few websites that have health care information newsletters that can help you keep up on current events and clinical info.  Subscribe to a few of them so as to not have to spend time searching for the information.  The less time you spend searching means more time for your friends, family, and school or work.

Nursing Resource 3

www.audible.com allows you to download audio files (MP3s) similar to iTunes (which is another good resource).  You do have to pay a fee to download your resources.  So if you need to learn about the history of nursing, you can probably find a few downloads to listen to.

Nursing Resource 4

www.kaptest.com is the website for Kaplan Centers.  You can get access to information about the NCLEX and other cert. programs.  Be sure to sign up for the free email subscription that sends you study tips a couple of times a week.

Nursing Resource 5

www.medscape.com has a tremendous database that is helpful to even the most experienced professional.  They also have a subscription service that emails you info about once a week.  This is a great service that will give you all kinds of medical information at the tips of your fingers.  They have info on drugs, OTCs & Herbals with an interaction checker and they have definitions of diseases & conditions, as well as info on clinical procedures. It is a wealth of knowledge.

So if you read carefully you may have noticed that there are actually more that 5 resources for nursing school within the post.  If you didnt, go back and read it again!  And Just in case you need some help with Anatomy, I found this Anatomy Course that could be very helpful to you.

Remember to keep yourself organized and it should help keep the stress levels down while in nursing school.


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