Nursing informatics is a specialty that combines computer expertise as well as data and information research within the field of nursing.

The end goal is promoting better patient care.

The nursing profession is primarily about patient care and education.  As a nurse you are at the bedside taking vitals, delivering meds, observing patient behavior and symptoms, not to mention dealing with bodily fluids.  Education of the patient, or to their family, on how and what the care should be after they return home is also a large part of the nursing profession.
Something else that is becoming more and more prevalent in nursing is the use of technology.  More and more electronic medical records are being employed, mobile applications are entering the market in what seems to be a daily basis,  new and updated medical devices are also continually showing up.  Nurses need to be able to stay current, understand how to use the information and technology, and be comfortable enough with these things that their personal touch toward patient care is not hindered.

The nursing informatics specialist gathers information on all of the technology mentioned above, and much more. Read the rest of this entry


Can I Work and be Successful in Nursing School?

I get this question a lot. The short answer is that it is doable, however this is not the most desirable situation. Of course you should check the program that you are considering because some actually have strict restriction against working while in nursing school.

If you are considering to work in nursing school there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. Read the rest of this entry


If You Get a BSN Degree Will You Make More Money?

Ok, this is a common questions full of yes, no and maybe answers. It also tends to be a tender subject amongst nurses because, sometimes it seems to be interpreted as a suggestion that as an Associate’s Degree Nurse (ADN) you might somehow be less competent in your job than a Bachelor’s of Science Nurse (BSN). Let me clear the air regarding this topic, right up front- then we can talk about the actual question about making more money with a higher degree.

To become a Registered Nurse (RN) you need one of 3 degree types and then you must pass the NCLEX. Read the rest of this entry


There are many things that affect your nursing career salary.

Do you know what will impact how much you earn?

Here are a few things you should think about:

Special trends can break the norm.

As many of you know we are currently in a shortage of nurses.  With shortages, generally salaries go up.  Now, this issue of the current shortage is a big one and rather than get off topic today, look for future posts regarding the nursing shortage.  For now, let’s just accept that the data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows that we have and will continue to have a shortage.  The next bit of information will help you plan for the future. Read the rest of this entry


6 Things to Prepare You for the Nursing Profession

If you are interested in entering the nursing profession, then there are a few things that you should do to prepare yourself.

1.  You need to have a high school diploma.

If you are still in high school, talk with your guidance counselor to see what types of classes your school offers that will help prepare you for nursing.  Most programs like to see 2-4 years of science and math, 2 years of some kind of health studies as well as language and computer classes.

If you have already graduated and have the above referenced classes, you can move on to our next checklist item.  If you are lacking some of these classes, you might consider taking a few your local community college.

2.  You need to search out nursing programs that appeal to you. Read the rest of this entry


I have information for you no matter where you are in your nursing career.

Because I am going to be helping nurses on so many varying levels, I will be posting information that may or may not pertain to here you are currently in your nursing career.  The two main areas that will be the focus here are education and career path advancement.  I will be making regular posts each week that may have a particular focus, but I will always try to spread out the topics across the two areas of focus so that everyone gets a little info each week that may pertain to them.

Do you know where to get your education?

The education information we will focus on will primarily be basic info on nursing, finding and selecting schools with nursing programs, application information, funding, time required, types of programs, etc.

Do you want to advance your career?

The career path and advancement information will be about what types of nursing specialties are out there, what do those specialties require, certification information, new trends in the nursing profession, salary, job outlook, etc. Read the rest of this entry


Hello everyone!  Welcome to

Nursing Profession Education .com

My name is Marci Angitia and I want to help you with your nursing career.  Whether you are in high school just thinking of becoming a nurse, in college getting ready to apply for nursing school, already in a nursing program, a new nurse, or even someone with 15 years of nursing experience.

I am here to help guide you in your education and help you to advance your career as a nurse.  With several years of experience helping hundreds of nursing school applicants I have been able to hand guide nurses, helping them to apply to schools, achieve their degrees, and advance their careers.  The information I provide here is to help you achieve your goals too!

In days to come, I will be posting loads of information that should help you, no matter what level you are.  Some of the information comes from my research, some of it comes directly from presentations that I do professionally for helping nurses obtain their goals.  Many topics on the nursing profession are similar no matter where I am presenting in the United States.  I will be sharing those topics with you here, as well as suggestions on how to approach a solution. Read the rest of this entry