Understanding nursing research could lead you into a great specialty.

Understanding nursing research seems to be a good topic after my last post on informatics.  As I said in the post, as a nurse your focus is in caring for patients and their families as well as promoting education for managing their condition.

Nurse researchers use the scientific method to define criteria to improve patient care, safety procedures, as well as save costs.  There are many other specific areas of research but I see these as the primary three.  Research gets highly specific with studies like The Effectiveness of an Aspiration Risk-Reduction Protocol or Evaluating Central Venous Catheter Care.

Nursing researchers generally need to have a PhD in order to be the principal investigator of a particular area of study.

National funding will often dictate this criteria.  A nurse with an MSN (Master’s of Science in Nursing) may be eligible for a research assistant position.


Understanding Nursing Research - This can be a Specialty Specific Career Path

The National Institute of Nursing Research is a great resource and funds training opportunities for nursing research.  They provide finding to universities, hospitals, and medical centers.  The NINR also has in-house opportunities so take a look at their site if you are interested in understanding nursing research.
Some other resources that you may want to check out are the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the journal for Applied Nursing Research.

If you are an RN are interested in understanding nursing research then take a look at the sites mentioned above.  If you think that is a career path that is of interest to you, then start pursuing a higher degree such as an MSN or PhD. In the near future I will have some information for you regarding school options, so keep your eyes peeled!  Please, if you have any experience in this area, I would love to see your comments on understanding nursing research.