Are you planing on studying to being a nurse?

Well then you will have to do nursing school clinicals.  At most nursing schools, your classes and clinicals will work hand in hand, feeding off of each other.

Often, you will have to have some pre-required classes and may actually need to pass some exams in order to take the clinicals.  Somethings you may be tested on prior to being allowed to take your nursing school clinicals are: catheter insertions, dressing wounds, administering medication, etc.

Not all schools are the same and so your experience may be different from a nursing student at a different school.

The nursing school clinicals are real world environments that will allow you to put your education to use.  They are sort of like an internship really.  You will be supervised and trained as you work with real patients.  And usually you will get experience in many different departments.

This is a great time to investigate which career path in nursing that you would be interested in taking.  Take advantage of the situation to learn about as many fields as you can.  Work hard as nursing school clinicals are tests of your competencies of being a nurse.  And get to know the staff, because they can be potential leads or references for you and a new job when you graduate.

The nursing school clinicals can be intense, but dont get too stressed.

Ask questions and learn as much as you can.  Learn to be comfortable with the patients and in the healthcare environment.


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